June Plans

I wanted something a little easier to write for, something that I could basically just write that would fill people in on what was going on and maybe attract attention to things that may otherwise be either unnoticed or could use more attention. So, by creating this section of my website I should be able to do just that.

For June, once we finally get all of our planting for the year done and are able to move on to the ‘easier’ part of the year where it is just a matter of growing the crops instead of trying to ship everything out and/or get it planted, I am hoping to get some real miles in on my bike.

I am hoping to do either the Tour de Lava or our local cycling group’s ride on the 3rd of June. The ‘Tour’ ride is a fifty mile, with rest stations even, loop while the local group ride is just a bunch of us riding an eighty mile-ish loop with a few notable climbs in it. I will admit, I hope that the date that is getting bounced around allows me to do the local cycling group ride instead.

Me, after finishing my ride on Mothers Day. This was a fun, successful ride!

I am also planning on doing the Lemhi Valley Century Ride on the tenth of June. It is a 100 mile, with a 100 kilometer option, ride that begins in the middle of the Idaho desert and ends in Salmon, Idaho. I did this ride last year, as my first century ever, and there was a nasty headwind the entire time. Hopefully that doesn’t repeat this year.

I have signed up for the Great Cycle Challenge for the month of June (here is a link to my page). I decided on 500 miles for a goal because it is, for me, attainable while still being a number I can’t just get without working towards it. I figured if I was going to ride that trying to make some money for a cause like fighting childhood cancer was a good thing to try and help out with. If you care to help donate then follow the link to my page and do so there. Of course, if you don’t want to donate you can always just follow my progress there or here on my Strava account.

This is what has been slowing down all of our plans this spring on the farm. It’s stopped recently but we are still seeing the effects of the weather.

This is about as solid of a ‘plan’ as I have for my off time for June. I am sure that I will fill it in with plenty of other rides, both solo and with friends, as well as still trying to get better at my violin or continuing to loose weight (now that is a damned hard thing to keep going right now).

I’ll be updating how June goes as it goes. I will also be doing a few updates as I get through the rest of May, both on and off the farm. If you’d like to know when I publish a story click the link on the right side of the page for updates to new posts. You can also follow my Instagram (also on the right side) for smaller, more frequent updates. If there is something in particular you’d like to know, be it on or off the farm send me an email.

Keep checking in!

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