I grew up on the family farm in Idaho. I started driving tractors at age seven for my uncles while they worked at moving hand pipe for irrigation. Once I turned eight I started driving tractor to help harvest potatoes in the fall. That, repeatedly, through the years was about the extent to which I helped on the farm until I reached my mid-teens, at which point I started helping with the irrigation. I did that for a few years through and following high school until I decided that farming was incredibly overrated (there are days I still think this) and found a job building houses.

I worked in the construction world for nearly three years. In that time I went from being the minimum wage guy who had to come in and clean up job sites to helping do the things that I really enjoy, even today, namely hardwood floors, custom woodworking and trim, and even the occasional cabinet piece.


I got married in 2006 and together my wife and I now have five kids; three girls and two boys. In 2007 I started working on the farm again. Since starting work at the farm, life has been a bit of a  roller coaster. Kids, life changes, changes at work, an up and down market, and farming in general keeps things interesting.

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